Expectations of an Outsourced QA Vendor

Competent QA engineers with hands on experience, standard processes, unique QA methodology & best practices and cost are some of the significant parameters to consider, when looking for the most suitable Outsourced QA vendor. Outsourced Software QA 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 10.8% and Forecast to 2021 What is Outsourced Software QA... Continue Reading →


The Basics of Mobile Web Apps Testing On Real Devices Using Selenium / Appium

First Thing First: Appium Equals Selenium “Appium is just like Selenium – but only for mobile apps and games “. One should have heard about it many times, but in fact, Appium is much more than that. It is also suitable for mobile web apps testing, where real devices and real browsers are used in testing. With the same... Continue Reading →

Testing Internet of Things – QA Unleashed

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Market Worth 1,378.5 Million USD by 2021 The new research report on “Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Market by Testing Type Service Type, Application Type, and Region – Global Forecast to 2021”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the market size estimated to grow from USD 302.9 Million in 2016 to USD 1,378.5... Continue Reading →

E-Learning Testing

Global E-Learning Market to Reach $325 billion by 2025 – Rapid Growth in Online Content & Digitization / Innovations in Wearable Technologies are Flourishing the E-learning Industry – Nasdaq Why is it so important to test E-Learning platforms? e-Learning applications and websites are fastest emerging sector because it is the medium of choice when it comes... Continue Reading →

Learning Management System Compliance

A very common scenario that any learning management system (LMS) vendors experience is, “A potential client reaches their exhibition booth and asks, “Is your LMS complies with regulatory standards?” The answer is not very simple. The worry with compliance is that it is driven by laws and regulations, which require specific training. The desire of... Continue Reading →

How to get the data back without paying the ransom?

What is WannaCry? A worldwide cyber-attack has been happening since Friday, affecting more than 200,000+ organizations in 150+ countries. The WANNACRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK has rapidly become the nastiest digital disaster to strike the internet, crippling transportation and hospitals globally. But, it progressively appears that it is not the work of hacker brains. Instead, cyber-security detectives... Continue Reading →

Cross–Browser Compatibility Testing

Desktop browser usage 38% of desktop traffic, and at least 50% of traffic all platforms, is on a different browser than you are. 50% of the users will go to different websites to accomplish a goal without switching browser 22% will never return to your site after a one bad experience Most Fastest Browsers by... Continue Reading →

Mad Rush for DevOps

Hang on! Didn’t we just finish other races recently or still racing SMAC, Cloud, Big Data etc. It is always Old Wine in New Bottle or maybe time has come now for that old idea, which never took off the ground. ‘Neighbours Envy, Owners Pride’ said one famous commercial for selling their TV sets. I... Continue Reading →

Best Mobile Testing Techniques

Hand-held technical devices have undergone several bouts of transformation over the past few decades. With changing shapes, sizes, and functions, mobile phones have crawled in their own way into the user’s pockets. Today, a smartphone has become a basic necessity of life for everyone. A study conducted by Bizness Apps reveals that by 2017 780... Continue Reading →

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