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FAQ – Challenges Faced by App Developers

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App Performance Testing To Grow Your Business

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Addressing the commonly faced challenges by app developers in providing customers with a smooth and reliable user experience.

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The apps market is growing in leaps and bounds and new features are being introduced almost every day to stay ahead of competition. Just to put it in perspective, the Apple App store has a base of nearly two m

What is VAPT and Why would your Organization need it?

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a testing process to find security bugs within a software program or a computer network. VAPT is often misunderstood as two different types of testing techniques. Conversely, these two should be combined together to yield better results. The objective of Vulnerability Assessment is entire to search and find bugs. Penetration Testing i

Continuous Performance Regression Testing

Performance Regression Testing

“Application Testing Services Market Worth 50.14 Billion USD by 2022”

Based on organization size, the small & medium enterprises segment of the Application Testing Services Market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period

Today, application’s high performance is lavish but also a basic need for the business. Those days are gone when one had to apprehend customer/stakeholders about the benefits of performance testing. Now, organizat

Break Your Comfort

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We all want to make an impact, but not a fake one. When someone likes our pic on Social Media, we go mad because we are getting popular. So we post every day and wait for responses.

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But does that have something to do with our lives? How should we create real-time popularity??? Wouldn’t it be nice if people outside social platforms get inspired by us???

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Top Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

Top Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

Test automation is very essential for a successful and on –time automation testing process.  These frameworks help the testing team to reduce the cost and testing efforts by providing high RoI on the testing initiatives. The idea of this blog is to walk you through the top open source test automation frameworks that are available in the market. Every test automation framework has its own advantage and disadvantage. Let’s explore the list

Most commonly used open-source test automation frameworks are listed below : <a href="

Innovative Test Automation Tools Assisted with Ai Technology

7 Best test automation tools

We have three stages in which Test Automation evolved.

The First Stage of Old Fashioned Tools

The first stage of test automation is filled with some best old-fashioned testing tools such as WinRunner, Silk Test, and QTP. These testing tools started it all and set a stage for next level of testing automation innovations like Selenium.

The Second Stage of Selenium

Selenium began the second stage of test automation, focused more on developers and

Top Cloud Testing Tools

Top Cloud Software Testing Tools

Testing in the cloud comes with its benefits of easy availability, scalability and low cost. It allows for web and mobile testing in multiple environments and machines without building a physical infrastructure. However, the rising popularity of cloud testing has up surged slew of cloud testing tools in the market.

Cloud testing tools might improve testing efforts by reducing costs by freeing up resources, but only by selecting the right test tools that fits the testing requirement.

Here are some of the hugely popular cloud software testing tools.

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